EcoSmart Fire introduces Flex Island and Bench

EcoSmart Fire introduces Flex Island and Bench models for even greater design freedom

The global innovators of bio-ethanol-fuelled fireplaces, EcoSmart Fire have introduced two new styles to their popular and ever-versatile Flex Series of fireplace inserts.

The stylish, clean-lined Flex Island and Bench designs take the vast Flex Series from 173 to 219 different fireplace models revolving around eight flexible fire place styles, available in 12 different sizes, and four different configurations which can be used in any number of architectural blueprint, interior design brief, or homeowner's DIY plans.

With these two new styles of zero-clearance fireplace inserts, the Flex Series delivers interior designers, builders and homeowners with 219 custom fireplace solution from styles ranging from

Single Sided, Left Corner, Right Corner, Bay, Peninsula, Double Sided, Island and Bench - offering unprecedented design possibilities.

“The Island and Bench are perfect additions to the biggest fireplace series released in EcoSmart’s history, and it provides even greater design freedom to create a custom indoor or outdoor fireplace,” says Stephane Thomas, EcoSmart Fire creator.

“With this series, there’s a style, size and configuration to suit different floor plans. Regardless of the architectural environment and whether you’re after a simple but sophisticated look for a commercial, hospitality or residential space, our new Flex models provide the ultimate in flexibility. From single-room installation to room dividers to fires that link two rooms and infuses both with warmth and ambiance, the Flex Series provides a huge array of options.”

Simple and elegant, both Flex Island and Bench are designed as room dividers or as a central focal point for outdoor and indoor fireplaces. The Flex Island has four open sides, enabling the hypnotic flame to be viewed from the front, back, left and right sides, while the Bench has all open sides. The clean lines and entire viewing areas are dedicated to the flames, creating a harmonious blend of traditional style and contemporary design.

The new models combine a non-combustible base with transparent, toughened glass surround, which streamlines installation into custom-made cabinetry, from where the enticing flame can be viewed from the open sides. Flex Island models also come with a base component that holds the burner and a top component that lines the bulkhead above.

To enable easy creation of a personalised fire pit or integration into a countertop setting without an overhang, the Flex Bench features a simple drop-in tray that houses the burner, decorative black glass charcoal and the surrounding transparent glass fire screen.

Sturdily constructed from zinc sealed steel, powder-coated with super hi-temp black paint, both designs have a burner style to suit residential, hospitality and commercial environments - from the AB3 for smaller residential spaces to the extensive range of elongated, XL burners, where space isn't an issue. Choose a flame-only style or flank your fire with one or two decorative glass side boxes to further customise your fireplace design.

“Beyond being stylish features in any space, the Flex Island and Bench models have greatly enhanced our Flex range and provide endless design flexibility – an important feature for anyone designing a new home or renovating, or wanting to create a distinct focal point in a commercial space,” says Stephane. “And the flexibility and durability of these new models mean they’re perfect for maintaining a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas.”

Discover the special features of the Flex Island and Bench:

  • Self-contained with zero clearance means unlimited installation freedom
  • Installation is lower cost and easier too
  • No flue or chimney is required nor connections to gas or electricity needed as the fire is fuelled by bio-ethanol. Installation only involves securing the model into your desired setting
  • Cleaner, greener fuel: e-NRG bioethanol that fuels the flame is emission free so there is no smoke and no soot or ash to clean up
  • Steady, consistent flame performance: Flames are protected by a discrete integrated toughened glass windscreen fitted flush behind the frame
  • Durable and suitable for indoors or out as the zinc-sealed powder-coated steel insert does not rust
  • Decorative black glass charcoal and choice of side box on the left or right or both sides to fill with your choice of non-combustible accessory
  • World-class safety features and fuel-ignition technology to give you convenience and peace of mind
  • Global compliance: The Flex Series complies with existing standards in the USA, Europe, UK and Australia. They are UL Listed, EN 16647 BSI Certified and ACCC Safety Mandate compliant.

Behind the stylish façade of EcoSmart Fires is a sophisticated heating system that uses the cleanest, most efficient fuel source on the market: bioethanol.