Curved Firebox

Bring warmth and style to your indoor or outdoor living space with an EcoSmart Bioethanol Curved Firebox! This innovative and eco-friendly fireplace uses sustainable bioethanol fuel, helping you do your part for the environment.

Intelligently designed for maximum heat output, flame enhancement, and safety, these fireplaces feature high-quality steel construction that seamlessly complements a wide range of building materials and finishes. This allows homeowners, architects, and interior designers to create a traditional or modern look, depending on their project requirements.

One of the key features of this fireplace is its unique curved design that radiates heat outward for full enjoyment and maximum fuel efficiency. The sliding glass screen is a safety barrier, ensuring your fire burns safely and brightly.

The black powder coat protects the stainless steel firebox and provides a dramatic contrast to the smoke-free flame. The clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol fuel boasts long burn times and low odour.

Curved Firebox

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The bioethanol firebox is remarkably easy to install and requires no flue or chimney, allowing you to incorporate it into any space without requiring complex renovations.

This versatility makes the EcoSmart Bioethanol Curved Firebox an ideal choice for both new builds and existing homes looking to add a touch of elegance and warmth. Its user-friendly design allows for quick refuelling and minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for busy lifestyles.

With the EcoSmart Bioethanol Curved Firebox, you can transform your living space into a cosy haven. Its sleek, curved fireplace design not only provides a stunning visual centrepiece but also enhances the ambience of any room.

Whether you're hosting a social gathering or simply relaxing at home, the warmth and beauty of this bioethanol fireplace will create an inviting atmosphere that's perfect for any occasion.