A Guide To Bioethanol Fire Pits

A Guide To Bioethanol Fire Pits

Bioethanol fires are becoming even more popular for indoor and outdoor living, bringing so many benefits.

Here we explain why you should consider a bioethanol fireplace for your next indoor or outdoor fire.

  • What is Bioethanol?

  • What are the benefits of using Bioethanol?

  • Why is Bioethanol sustainable?

  • Are Bioethanol fire pits expensive to run? 

  • Are they safe to use indoors?

  • Do Bioethanol fire pits give off heat?

  • How to fill a Bioethanol fire pit?

  • How do I light and extinguish?

Bioethanol fire pits can come in all different shapes and sizes and depending on the space you have, you are guaranteed to find one to suit your needs. 


What Is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol is a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products that burn clean. So this means you have no smoke, no sparks and zero fuss.

Bioethanol is a natural, renewable, green energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products, mainly sugarcane and crops like grain.

It's also made from corn, potatoes, milk, rice, beetroot, grapes, bananas and dates depending on the country's agricultural strength. Incredible right? 

What Are The Benefits Of Bioethanol?

  • Eco Friendly - Bioethanol fires are much more eco friendly than a traditional fossil fuel like coal. Bioethanol fuel is plant based so the flames burn cleanly so they don't release any harmful substances into the air.
  • No Gas and No Electricity needed - Bioethanol fires will run purely on Bioethanol fuel so you won't need any more power or fuel sources from gas or electricity, keeping it simple. They will also function fully should you lose power.
  • Easy Installation - Because the fire burns cleanly with no smoke or fumes, there is no need for a flue. This makes them easy to install and depending on your configuration (indoor or outdoor) you can put your bioethanol fire pretty much anywhere.
  • Simply Stunning - There is no denying that Bioethanol fires are visually pleasing. As well as all the other benefits, you get a contemporary and stylish fire that looks incredible and will be the focal point in your home or garden. 


Why Is Bioethanol Sustainable?

The combustion of Bioethanol results in a clean emission: heat, steam and a small amount of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants. It is then processed via photosynthesis to help the plant grow. This infinite cycle of creation and combustion of energy makes Bioethanol a carbon neutral fuel source.

Are Bioethanol Fires Expensive To Run? 

When compared to the running and installation of electricity, gas or wood fires then the answer is no. No need for electricity or extra gas expenses, installation costs or chimneys, and they are far easier to install and use. There is also no annual service required. 

We do however recommend that you use a higher quality fuel. Some Bioethanol fire pits will only be compatible with a certain brand of fuel so be sure to check that in the product description or manufacturers guide before purchasing.

A higher quality fuel will help your fire last longer with a better flame which will save you money in the long run, as lower quality fuel will burn faster. 

Are They Safe To Use Indoors?

Yes, but always make sure the the fire pit model you choose is configured for indoor use. Not all Bioethanol fire pits will be designed for indoors and may have to be specifically designed for that purpose. 

While bioethanol fires do produce carbon dioxide, this substance is only produced in small amounts and is a natural by-product of any real fire.

Also, bioethanol fires are much safer to use indoors than traditional fires because they don't produce any smoke, ash or carcinogenic substances, so you’re not breathing in any of these harmful fumes in your home.

As with any fire or flammable fuel, always take care whilst handling the burner and fuel. Follow all instructions and guidelines to ensure maximum safety. 

Do Bioethanol Fire Pits Give Off Heat? 

Yes, Bioethanol fires produce real-burning flames that give off plenty of heat, making them an excellent alternative for traditional gas or wood fires for heating homes and gardens. No artificial flames or heat-free imitations, just a beautiful, dancing flame keeping you warm and cosy. 

How To Fill A Bioethanol Fire Pit?

Different types of Bioethanol fire pits will have different ways to add fuel. Always ready the manufacturers guide so you fill correctly and safely.

To give you an example of how easy it can be, the EcoSmart Fire Mix 850 has an AB8 burner and here's a breakdown on how to fill. (The tools are included in this model so no need to purchase separately)

  • Extend the lighting rod and use the hook at the end to lift and remove the outer lid.

  • Carefully position the bottle of fuel and remove the safety nozzle cap.

  • Insert the nozzle into the burner filling point and push the button.

  • The nozzle will automatically stop filling once the reservoir is full.

  • Replace the safety nozzle once complete.


How To Light A Bioethanol Fire?

Lighting is just as easy, again we will use the EcoSmart Fire Ark 40 AB8 burner as an example.

  • Extend the lighting rod and use the hook at the end to lift and remove the outer lid.

  • Dip the end of the lighting rod into the burner to wet with fuel.

  • Light the lighting rod and dip back into the burner to ignite the flame

To extinguish the flame, use the hook at the end of the lighting rod to lift the burner lid and cover the burner. 

If you extinguish with fuel still in the burner, make sure to leave for 60 mins to allow time for the fuel to cool before re lighting.


Additional Tips for Outdoor Fire Pits:

  • Purchase the safety screen where possible - not only is it an extra safety measure, but on a windy evening the screen will protect the flames. 

  • Buy a cover - Even though the fire pit will have been made from the very best and most durable materials, it's always best to cover when stored outside to protect the longevity of the fire pit/table. 

  • Use the burner efficiency ring (where applicable) This will decrease and stabilise the flame and increase the efficiency of the burner. Always allow the burner to cool fully before adding or removing the efficiency ring.

  • Before you purchase, make sure to check the model specifications. If you want an indoor Bioethanol fire table/place, be sure to check if it's configured for indoor or outdoor use. (Many can be altered for your needs but you will have to make this clear when asked)

  • Follow manufacturers guide to fuel - As we previously mentioned, some Bioethanol fire pits will be deigned to use a specific type of fuel. This information will be found on product specifications.


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