About EcoSmart Flex Series

About EcoSmart Flex

EcoSmart Flex Series provides ultimate design and installation flexibility
Easily configured to any architectural blueprint, interior design brief or hospitality floor plan, EcoSmart Fire's Flex Fireplace series has been expanded to now provide 219 bioethanol fireplace solutions from eight multi-faceted styles.

With a choice of 12 sizes - from single flames to double, triple and elongated - and single-sided, double-sided, triple-sided, left corner and right corner styles, these zero clearance fireplace inserts provide design professionals, homeowners and builders with endless installation flexibility and freedom.

Fuelled by environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol, the iconic UL Listed models – Single Sided, Left Corner, Right Corner, Bay, Peninsula, Double Sided, Island and Bench – are built into true zero-clearance, manufacturer approved surrounds, enabling endless installation flexibility and freedom for the hospitality design industry.

“This is EcoSmart’s largest fireplace series and sets the benchmark in design freedom and installation flexibility,” says Jenny Price, Head of Brand and Marketing.

"To customize a fire feature for your hospitality project, simply decide on the direction of your opening, choose how many sides you want to see the flame from, then personalize it with a decorative side box – or not. With EcoSmart’s self-contained, sustainable fireplace technology, it really is that simple."

Ranging from 304.8mm (13 inches) to 4318mm (170 inches) in length, the true zero-clearance, all black Flex Fireplaces make it easy to integrate a fire feature in any commercial setting, be it a high-rise restaurant located in the middle of Manhattan, the spacious foyer of a luxury hotel in the Nevada desert, or as a stunning design feature in a home’s kitchen or living room.

“We’ve expanded our Flex range to provide even greater options to integrate within various architectural environments,” says Jenny. “This has been based on feedback from designers and homeowners alike and specific requirements for tailored solutions. Now there’s an option to suit so many different styles.”

Special features of EcoSmart Fire's Flex Fireplace series:

  • Forefront of fireplace technology – backed by 15 years of research and development, and third-party certification, every Flex model features world-class safety and fuel ignition technologies.
  • True zero-clearance – self-contained, flue less construction provides unlimited installation freedom and flexibility for builders, architects, interior designers, landscapers and homeowners.
  • Toughened safety screen – the integrated windscreen sits behind the frame to stabilize the flame in windy conditions and provide an additional layer of safety and comfort.
  • No flue or chimney required – burning eco-friendly liquid e-NRG Bioethanol does not produceany smoke, soot or ash. This means all the heat stays in the room rather than most of it being flued outside as ozone depleting residual emissions.
  • Quick and easy installation – shipped in five days and requiring virtually no assembly, Flex is designed to be placed into the desired location, secured into position, and operated immediately – without the need for costly contractors.
  • Built to last a lifetime – made from corrosion resistant, grade 304 brushed stainless steel and tempered glass, EcoSmart Flex Fireplaces are the epitome of enduring style.
  • Decorative side box – customize your Flex fireplace with a decorative box placed on one or more sides and fill with your chosen non-combustible accessory.
  • Ornamental pebbles – hand polished to produce a smooth texture and consistent colour, decorative pebbles provide an organic accent to your Flex fire feature.

“Flex's 219 versatile models can be configured to any build brief or hospitality design needs," says Jenny. "Installing a fireplace in any location, indoors or outside, is no longer controlled by restrictive floor plans, bespoke architectural features, room dimensions, or even furniture placement."